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2 Disseminating evidence during the COVID-19 pandemic
  1. Martin Kohlmeier1,2 and
  2. Marjorie Lima do Vale1
  1. 1NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge, UK
  2. 2UNC Nutrition Research Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA


Knowledge networks, such as the NNEdPro Nutrition and COVID-19 Taskforce, are central to the rapid creation and dissemination of evidence, as highlighted at the NNEdPro Sixth International Summit on Nutrition and Health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taskforce rapidly collated evidence and widely shared clear and accessible resources globally, via NNEdPro Regional Networks. The impact of the Taskforce on disseminating evidence and encouraging collaboration was made evident, and thus demonstrates the importance of this approach for addressing regional and global nutrition challenges. Scientific journals, such as BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, as discussed by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Kohlmeier, also play a significant role in the dissemination of evidence. Once published, research is open access, disseminated widely online, and is encouraged to be used to inform practice. During the COVID-19 pandemic, any article with research findings relevant to the Coronavirus outbreak, were also shared widely with policymakers to increase global uptake. Knowledge networks, and scientific journals such as BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health, are critical to the generation and dissemination of evidence, which is key to its uptake and implementation in policy and practice.

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