Table 3

List of interview participants in the global nutrition landscape

Key informantInstitution*TypeLevel†
1 Ghana Health ServiceGovernmentDistrict (Upper West Region)
2 Ministry of HealthGovernmentNational
3 Ghana Health ServiceGovernmentNational
4 Ministry of Food and AgricultureGovernmentRegional (Upper West Region)
5 Ghana Health ServiceGovernmentRegional (Brong Ahafo Region)
6 Ghana Health ServiceGovernmentDistrict (Northern Region)
7 National Development Planning CommissionGovernmentNational
8 Ghana Health ServiceGovernmentNational
9 World Food ProgrammeUNGlobal
10 World Food ProgrammeUNGlobal
11 World Food ProgrammeUNNational (Ghana)
12 World Food ProgrammeUNRegional (Latin American and Caribbean)
13 World Food ProgrammeUNRegional (West Africa)
14 World Food ProgrammeUNNational (Ghana)
15 WHOUNGlobal
16 WHOUNGlobal
17 Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UNUNGlobal
  • *A description of the purview of these institutions is provided in online supplementary appendix 1.

  • †A map of the regions of Ghana is provided in online supplementary appendix 2.