Table 7

Logistic regressions on being malnourished with background variables

Logistic regression modelType of intervention and conditions†Adjusted95% CIP value
Nutrition specificNutrition sensitiveEnabling environmentOR
Logistic regression for stunting
v1: sex (dummy variable for ‘male’)X1.4820.573 to 3.8300.417
v17: ownership of refrigeratorXX000.999
v25: age (year)X6.6170.017 to 2550.70.534
v32: availability and consumption of fruits (vitamin A rich and other fruits)X1.0010.198 to 5.0550.999
v79: introduction of solid, semi-solid and/or soft foodsX0.3170.124 to 0.8120.017 *
Logistic regression for underweight
v84: mother–child cosleepingXX0.3330.212 to 0.524<0.001 **
v92: ownership of birth certificateX1.6561.057 to 2.5960.028 *
Logistic regression for wasting
v34: availability and consumption of eggsX0.1840.045 to 0.7540.019 *
v86: delivery not attended by health workersX1.450.330 to 6.3830.623
v106: cough during the last 2 weeksX1.7131.128 to 2.6030.012 *
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01.

  • †Categorisation based on the previous review (Black et al. 2013).15