Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the study participants (n=215)

VariableFrequencyPer cent
Marital status
Educational level
 Junior or below5023.2
 Secondary education13562.8
 College/university level3014.0
Partner’s educational level*
 Junior or below3214.9
 Secondary education13160.9
 College/university level3616.7
Current occupation
 Government employee3214.8
 Private employee3516.3
Frequency of ANC visits
 Four or more209.3
M (SD)/Md (IQR) Min, Max
Age27.71 (5.15)†15, 44
 Gestational age22.0 (9.0)‡6, 28
 Gravidity2.00 (3.0)‡1, 12
 Parity1.00 (3.0)‡0, 10
 Family size3.0 (3.0)‡1, 7+
 Family income1500.0 (1400.0)‡0, 16 000
  • *Partners’ educational level is not assessed for pregnant women who are single.

  • †Mean (SD) is used,

  • ‡Median (IQR) is used.

  • ANC, antenatal care; Max, maximum value; Min, minimum value.