Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of US children aged 7–18 years, NHANES 2011–2016

n (Weighted %)*
Age (years)
 7–112628 (38.3)
 12–183176 (61.7)
 Boys2943 (50.5)
 Girls2861 (49.5)
 Non-Hispanic white1529 (54.8)
 Non-Hispanic black1467 (13.6)
 Hispanic†1908 (22.8)
 Other900 (8.8)
Parental education‡
 Less than high school1453 (20.5)
 High school or GED1243 (20.9)
 Some college1669 (30.5)
 College graduate1284 (28.1)
Family income to poverty ratio§
 <1.32791 (35.9)
 1.3–31613 (29.6)
 ≥31400 (34.5)
  • *Percentages were adjusted for NHANES survey weights.

  • †Hispanic includes respondents self-identified as ‘American Mexican’ or as ‘Hispanic’ ethnicity. ‘Other’ includes race/ethnicity other than non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black and Hispanic, including multiracial.

  • ‡Parental education level represents the educational level of the household reference person.

  • §Ratio of family income to poverty level represents the ratio of family income to the federal poverty threshold. A higher ratio indicates a higher level of income.

  • GED, General Educational Development; NHANES, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.