Table 2

International guidelines on alcohol withdrawal and vitamin C replacement

Alerts to hypovitaminosisVitamin C replacementRouteDoseTime period
InternationalWHO30 +
World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry31 +
USAAmerican Psychiatric Association32
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services33 +MultivitaminIntravenousNSNS
AustraliaAustralian Government, Department of Health and Ageing34 +MultivitaminOralDailyNS
Government of South Australia, SA Health35 +MultivitaminNSNSNS
UKNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence36
Southern Health, NHS Foundation Trust37 +Vitamins B and C*Intramuscular1 Amp daily5 days
MultivitaminOral1 Tab daily6 weeks
Guy’s and St Thomas’, NHS Foundation Trust38 +Vitamins B and C*Intravenous1–2 Amp three times a day7 days
NHS Grampian39 +Vitamins B and C*Intravenous1–2 Amp three times a day5 days
Oral500 mgNS
  • *Given as Pabrinex injection.

  • (+), present; (-), absent;Amp, ampoule (5 mL each); NS, not specified; Tab, tablet.