Table 5

Estimated change in GHG emissions associated with tax policies per day

Tax packageDaily per capita change in GHG emissions (kg CO2e)Total daily change in GHG emissions (ton CO2e)
Denmark − excise duties on saturated fat, chocolate and sweets−0.22−939
Bermuda − 50% ad valorem tax on SSB−0.13−548
Gulf Cooperation Councilad valorem excise tax on carbonated beverages and energy drinks−0.11−503
Norway − excise taxes on SSB, chocolate and sugar products−0.08−334
Mexico − excise tax on SSB and 8% ad valorem tax on junk food−0.07−306
American Samoa − excise tax and import tariff on SSB−0.06−264
Finland − excise duties on SSB, confectionery and ice cream−0.04−196
Dominica − excise taxes on SSB and sugary foods−0.03−123
Palau − import tax on SSB−0.03−115
Barbados − 10% ad valorem tax on SSB−0.02−80
  • CO2e, carbon dioxide equivalents; GHG, greenhouse gas; SSB, sugar-sweetened beverages .