Table 3

Cross-lagged dynamic panel models examining intensity of IPV perpetration (n=2479)

Model 1Model 2*
CoefSEP valueCoefSEP value
Time variant variables
Food insecurity0.070.040.0450.090.040.031
Housing status0.120.050.009
Relationship status0.120.040.153
Time invariant variables
Age at baseline−0.100.03<0.001
Childhood abuse0.210.03<0.001
Fit indices
Chi2 6.567.64
Chi2 p value0.0100.106
Df1 Lower bound Upper bound 4 Lower bound Upper bound
  • Models account for past use of violence and bidirectional nature of association (ie, IPV perpetration leading to later food insecurity).

  • CFI, comparative fit index; Coef, standardised coefficient; IPV, intimate partner violence; RMSEA, root mean squared error of approximation.