Table 4

Model estimates, CIs, p values and adjusted R2 for mother and child anthropometric associations*

Model 1: maternal BMI and child WHZModel 2: maternal BMI and child MUACModel 3: maternal MUAC and child MUACModel 4: maternal MUAC and child WHZ
Child WHZ coefficient
(95% CI), p value
0.22 kg/m2 (0.22 to 0.24), p<0.0010.24 cm (0.23 to 0.25), p<0.001
Child MUAC coefficient (95% CI), p value0.19 kg/m2 (0.16 to 0.21), p<0.0010.20 cm (0.18 to 0.22), p<0.001
Adjusted R20.
  • *Models were adjusted for maternal parity, maternal age and gestational status.

  • BMI, body mass index; MUAC, mid-upper arm circumference; WHZ, weight-for-height z-score.