Table 3

Changes in food group contributions to energy and nutrient purchased (UK Kantar FMCG panel 2012–2017)

Δ 2017−20121*
Kcal 2012Energy
Carb.† (g)Sat. fat (g)Sodium (g)Fibre (g)
Healthier food groups
 Pasta, rice, potatoes and other grains126.6‡−18.1−0.2−0.5−0.2−3.30.0−0.01−0.11
 Bread products§176.4−13.3−0.1−0.3−0.1−2.50.0−0.03−0.26
 Other dairy§−0.1−−0.02
 Legumes, nuts and seeds26.60.30.2−0.1−0.1−0.30.0−0.01−0.09
 Sauces and condiments§
 Other drinks§−0.02
 Ready meals and convenience food§−−0.02
 Red meat§
 Processed fish and meat§
 Breakfast cereals§
 Vegetables, excl. legumes and potatoes4210.
Subtotal 857.0 5.7 0.83 1.78 1.58 5.92 0.21 0.01 0.10
Less healthy food groups
 Fat and oil162.9−15.1−−0.2−0.03−0.01
 Caloric sweeteners (sugar, honey, syrup)58.4−−2.6−
 Breakfast cereals§44.8−9.50.0−0.2−0.7−1.40.0−0.02−0.10
 Red meat§24.3−7.8−0.6−−0.3−0.010.00
 Puddings and biscuits184.1−6.8−0.1−0.2−0.5−−0.08
 Ready meals and convenience food§57.9−6.0−0.4−0.10.0−0.6−0.1−0.01−0.08
 Other drinks§28.6−−0.9−0.30.0−0.010.00
 Other morning goods25.
 Other dairy§−−0.01
 Bread product§
 Sauces and condiments§−
 Chocolates and confectionery105.−
 Processed fish and meat§−
 Savoury snacks75.
 Table salt−0.03
  • *Energy and nutrients changes given as /capita/day. The colour scales highlight the intensity of changes using distribution quintiles.

  • †Carbohydrate excludes sugar.

  • ‡The full results with 95% CI are available in online supplementary tables 2 and 3.

  • §Paired food group (healthier vs less healthy).

  • ¶Some puddings, biscuits and bread products, as well as all bacon and sausages, slimming products and milkshake mixes were excluded because of inconsistent nutrient information reported at product level. Products excluded could account for up 130 kcal/capita/day each year.

  • Carb, carbohydrate; Sat. fat, saturated fat.