Table 3

Descriptive statistics of continuous variables for patients in phases 2 and 3

CharacteristicPhase 2 (M±SD), n=40Phase 3 (M±SD), n=30
Weight (kg)59.93±17.1661.0±16.85
Weight with outliers removed (kg)52.77±17.2454.55±17.18*
BMI with outliers removed18.9±5.2319.6±5.23*
IBW (kg)60.15±9.6660.15±9.66
% IBW99.47±23.84101.69±24.57
% IBW with outliers removed98.72±23.78102.38±24.30***
PN formulation
 Total Kcal/day1412±355.471405±387.10
 Total Kcal/kg/day25.10±8.5624.91±10.04
 Non-protein Kcal/day1084±329.751074.37±363.71
 Non-protein Kcal/kg/day19.35±7.4319.21±8.88
 Dextrose g/day218.14±81.88218.95±79.87
 Dextrose g/kg/day3.83±1.633.85±1.77
 Amino acids g/day82.07±20.9882.85±21.01
 Amino acids g/kg/day1.44±0.461.42±0.44
 Lipid g/day34.25±16.7032.99±17.61
 Lipid g/kg/day0.63±0.410.62±0.41
 PN total volume1648.48±519.981611.43±530.22
 PN infusion duration (hours)13.20±3.5612.86±3.06
 Infusion rate mL/hour130.41±47.59129.41±45.89
 Osmolarity (mOsm)1569.63±338.631613±356.48
 Osmolar infusion rate mOsm/hour124.83±47.59131.39±41.42
 Dextrose infusion rate g/hour17.22±7.2817.79±7.47
 Amino acid infusion rate g/hour6.55±2.206.79±2.55
 Lipid infusion rate g/hour2.69±1.372.65±1.20
  • Note. Descriptive statistics for continuous variables. Nutritional parameters and PN formulation characteristics in study patients during phases 2 and 3. Nutritional parameters are presented with all study patients and with removal of three outlier patients (see text). PN intakes are express as g/day, g/kg/day and infusion rate.

  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • BMI, body mass index; IBW, ideal body weight; PN, parenteral nutrition.