Table 1

Study parameters examined in patients during phases 1a, 2 and 3

ParameterData collection
HospitalName and initial discharge dates
PN prescriber characteristicsDegree, specialty, nutrition certification
Patient demographicsAge, gender, diagnoses, reason for home PN, CIRS Score
Patient QOL assessmentEQ-5D-3L
PN characteristicsMacronutrients, micronutrients, osmolarity, infusion cycle
Catheter InformationCatheter type, dressing type, insertion date, reinsertion date(S)/reason(S), infection type/dates, occlusions type/dates, other complications
NursingAgency, visit frequency
Lab drawFrequency
Physician office visitFrequency
PN Formula adjustmentFrequency
Visits to EDName, dates, reasons
RehospitalisationsName, dates, reasons
Payer(s)Federal, commercial
Cost of PN formulationDaily, weekly, monthly
MNST recommended changesNo of recommendations, accepted? Yes/No
Qualitative assessment of benefitGrounded theory
OutcomesAccess device events, adverse drug reactions, ED use, unplanned hospitalisation
  • CIRS, Cumulative Illness Rating Scale; ED, emergency department; EQ-5D-3L, Euroquol 5 Dimension-3 Level; MNST, multidisciplinary nutritional support team; PN, parenteral nutrition; QOL, quality of life.