Table 2

Comparison of the mean CC knowledge scores with the demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients with T1DM

P value
Marital status
Educational level
 High school or lower20.53(8.2)4.091 0.018
DM duration (years)
Type of insulin therapy
 Multiple daily insulin injections22.24(7.3)−4.578< 0.0001
 Insulin pump28.92(3.9)
CC use
 Yes25.98(6.8)7.332< 0.0001
Frequency of visits to a dietitian in the past 2 years
 Has not visited a dietitian20.0(6.9)3.3560.020
 1–2 times21.72(6.8)
 3–5 times24.05(7.7)
 ˃5 times24.72(7.3)
No of times taught about CC
 Never taught17.25(4.9)7.938< 0.0001
 1–2 times21.50(7.8)
 3–5 times23.65(5.6)
 ˃5 times26.43(6.7)
  • CC, carbohydrate counting; DM, diabetes mellitus; T1DM, type 1 diabetes mellitus.