Table 1

Characteristics of the study population at baseline

Mean±SD/median (IQR)/n (%)
 Male25 (55.6)
 Female20 (44.4)
 Age (years)68 (9)
 Weight (kg)96.1±15.2
 BMI (kg/m2)32.0±4.2
 Overweight15 (33.3)
 Obese30 (66.7)
 Years between diagnosis and start intervention*11.7±6.6
Use of medication†
Blood glucose lowering
 Metformin only16 (35.6)
 Other oral medication (with or without metformin)14 (31.1)
 Insulin (with or without other oral medication)15 (33.3)
For blood pressure/kidney function
 RAAS-blockage27 (60.0)
 Angiotensin-II blockers10 (22.2)
 ACE-inhibitors17 (37.8)
 Calcium antagonists6 (13.3)
 Bètablockers14 (31.1)
 Diuretics (thiazides or potassium sparing)14 (31.1)
 None10 (22.2)
 No data2 (4.4)
 No or stable use (T0–T6)29 (64.4)
 Changed use (T0–T6)11 (24.4)
 No/insufficient data (T0–T6)5 (11.1)
  • *Missing data of three participants.

  • †Participants could be using more than one type or combination drugs. Sum adds up to more than 100%.

  • BMI, body mass index; IQR, interquartile range; SD, standard deviation.