Table 1

Product-level summary statistics for the merged HomeScan-Nutritrack data, for HSR-labelled and unlabelled products over the last year observed (2019)

2019 summary statistics
All productsNo HSR labelHSR label
Exposure: HSR adoption
 # Unique products11 43485512883
 % Unique products100.0%74.8%25.2%
 % by imputed star rating
  Least healthy (0.5–1.5)30.936.015.7
  Moderate (2.0–3.5)43.243.940.8
  Most healthy (4.0–5.0)
 % by displayed HSR score
  Least healthy (0.5–1.5)12.2
  Moderate (2.0–3.5)41.4
  Most healthy (4.0–5.0)46.4
 % by major food category
  Bread and bakery products13.113.711.1
  Cereal and cereal products11.08.917.1
  Convenience foods4.33.27.5
  Edible oils and oil emulsions2.02.21.5
  Fish and seafood products3.02.93.5
  Fruit and vegetables12.811.117.8
  Meat and meat products6.56.37.3
  Non-alcoholic beverages7.38.63.5
  Sauces and spreads12.611.914.5
  Sugars, honey and related products1.92.30.5
Household-level outcome variables(2019 average per household)
Average no. of products purchased248 (100%)174 (71%)74 (29%)
Total units purchased across products (g or mL)410 534277 757132 777
Total volume share across products (g or mL)
Per-product units purchased (g or mL)1652.51594.91787.9
Per-product volume share (%)0.400.390.44
Product controls
  Package size (g or mL):410.3393.5460.4
  Number of SKUs in category210.9216.8193.2
  Number of SKUs in same brand142.768.9361.4
  • HSR, Health Star Rating; SKU, Stock Keeping Unit.