Table 2

Changes in the household purchasing for HSR-labelled products, compared with non-HSR-labelled products (2 565 184 observations of purchases)

% Change in product purchasing
Any HSR rating0.1% (−1.0% to 1.2%)
Stratification by HSR score
0.5–1.5−0.4% (−2.4% to 1.6%)
2.0–3.50.2% (−1.6% to 2.0%)
4.0–5.00.1% (−1.2% to 1.4%)
N 2 565 184
  • All estimates control for household, product and time fixed effects; as well as other covariates. Other covariates include household characteristics (number of adults, number of children, main buyer sex, main buyer age, household type, household income) and product characteristics (mean selling price, % purchases made on when the product on promotion, number of products in brand portfolio and number of products in HomeScan product category).

  • 95% CIs in parentheses. No statistical heterogeneity of null effect size by strata of HSR rating.

  • HSR, Health Star Rating.