Table 6

Recommendations and acceptances by treating physicians

MeasurementRecommendations made to treating physicians (per patient, n=30)Recommendation acceptance (per patient, n=30)
Mean if PNE3.09±1.922.36±2.42
Mean if not PNE5.86±1.89*5.28±2.22*
Total157137 (87.2%)
  • Note. Study patient interventions recommended to and accepted by treating physicians. The MNST made recommendations for compliance to standards of care for study patients at weekly case review meetings. The treating physicians had final authority to either accept or reject the recommendations. Recommendations were significantly lower if the treating physician was a nutrition expert. Recommendation acceptances were significantly higher if the treating physician was not a nutrition expert.

  • *p<0.05.

  • MNST, multidisciplinary nutritional support team; PNE, physician nutrition expert.