Table 1

Summary statistics

SampleHSE, UK (2017)HSE, W MidlSurvey (T0, 2020)Survey, matched (T0 and T1)P value
N (number of observations)99829821003494
% female55505450634862490.52
Age (years)42.724.542.524.435.212.838.313.60.00
% overweight32463347274430460.03
% obese22422644163717380.25
% sev obese3173183162150.61
F&V (por/day)3.702.773.242.704.614.084.653.950.77
Gender stratified statistics
Age (years)43.042.342.842.235.135.638.138.6
% overweight2935303622352242
% obese2222272517141915
% sev obese42424140
F&V (por/day)3.823.543.472.984.704.484.954.19
Salad (por/day)0.430.360.370.300.470.420.500.40
Pulses (por/day)
Veg, other (por/day)0.840.810.750.661.781.681.881.42
Veg, dish (por/day)
Fruit juice (por/day)0.310.330.270.270.480.570.510.52
Fresh fruit (por/day)1.641.451.491.241.431.441.551.51
Dried fruit (por/day)
Frozen fruit (por/day)
Tinned fruit (por/day)
Fruit dish (por/day)
  • Last column is the p-value of a t-test for a difference in the mean of each variable between the matched survey sample and the non-matched sample. Values above 0.05 indicate that there is no evidence at a 5% significance level that the matched sample is selected.

  • F&V, fruit and vegetable; por, portion; sev, severely; Veg, vegetables; W Midls, West Midlands.