Table 5

Reliability of each of the six domains and all the items of the AdultCarbQuiz tool

Name of domainNo of itemsCronbach’s α
(95% CI)
Split-half reliability coefficient with Spearman-Brown correction
Carbohydrate food recognition190.864 (0.836 to 0.888)
Counting carbohydrates in each of the foods70.899 (0.878 to 0.918)
Interpreting nutrition labels for carbohydrates40.794 (0.747 to 0.835)
Glycaemic targets40.488 (0.369 to 0.589)
Hypoglycaemia prevention and treatment50.577 (0.483 to 0.659)
Counting carbohydrates in a meal40.815 (0.772 to 0.852)
All items430.874 (0.849 to 0.896)
Odd-numbered and even-numbered items0.865