Table 3

Norwood practice data on T2D remission March 2015–April 2021

Data collected
Mean duration of low-carbohydrate approachNo of T2D cases in remission
No of choosing the approachRemission rate for people who choose the low-carbohydrate approachNo of patients with T2D on the diabetic registerOverall remission rate for practice
March 201713 months154831%4164%
May 201820 months4110639%4549%
January 201922 months5912348%46913%
March 202030 months6814348%48514%
April 202133 months9418651%47320%
  • *T2D remission defined as: previous diagnosis of T2D by WHO criteria and HbA1c <6.5% (<48 mmol/mol) without antidiabetes medication. As per McCombie et al.39 in mmol/mol.

  • HbA1c, Glycated haemoglobin; T2D, type 2 diabetes .