Table 2

Baseline cardiometabolic risk factors and correlations with diet quality measures

Cardiometabolic risk factorSelf-rated diet qualityMediterranean Diet Score*
NMedian (IQR)RP valueRP value
Body mass index, kg/m278026.5 (23.3–30.3)0.34<0.00010.18<0.0001
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg800122.5 (112.0–136.0)−
Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg80076.0 (70.0–80.0)0.110.001−0.0080.81
Haemoglobin A1C, %2615.4 (5.2–5.9)0.26<0.0001−0.010.83
Total cholesterol, mg/dL348164.0 (136.0–194.5)0.040.440.040.51
HDL cholesterol, mg/dL34851 (41.0–63.5)0.25<0.00010.120.02
Triglycerides, mg/dL34894 (66–129)0.160.003−0.070.18
  • Not all measures were taken at every visit; N varies by risk factor based on what clinician and staff measured at the recorded visit.

  • Ratings ranged from a low of 1 (poor) to a high of 5 (excellent).

  • IQR (25th percentile, 75th percentile); correlations were assessed using Spearman correlations.

  • *Scores ranged from a low of 0 to a high of 9.

  • .