Table 2

Anthropometric comparison of the intervention groups

Vitamins and minerals (n=76)Placebo
Male (%)655350
Female (%)354750
Mean age (years)25.98±6.7325.59±8.5124.52±5.78
Average body mass index (kg/m²)24.38±3.4223.90±2.7023.96±3.47
Average body weight (kg)77.1±12.5974.8±12.8373.1±13.41
Average body water (%)53±0.0453±0.0652±0.05
Average body fat (%)23±0.0723±0.0723±0.07
Average body musculature (%)40±0.0439±0.0439±0.04
  • Anthropometric parameters including gender, age and body mass index (kg/m²) are shown. Additionally, fat, muscle and body water contents of participants (n=number) are shown as percentages and mean values, respectively. Standard deviations are indicated as well.

  • FSMP, food for special medical purposes.