Table 2

Key results of the feedback questionnaire

Questionnaire questionsVariablesPeople, n (%)
Was this HMOT useful? (n=236)Strongly agree167 (70.8)
Agree68 (28.8)
Neutral1 (0.4)
Disagree0 (0.0)
Strongly disagree0 (0.0)
Has this HMOT increased your understanding of health? (n=230)Strongly agree142 (61.7)
Agree84 (36.5)
Neutral4 (1.8)
Disagree0 (0.0)
Strongly disagree0 (0.0)
Has this HMOT encouraged you to make lifestyle changes? (n=233)Strongly agree129 (55.3)
Agree86 (36.9)
Neutral16 (6.9)
Disagree0 (0.0)
Strongly disagree21 (0.9)
Have you made lifestyle changes after a previous Health MOT at a Health Mela?* (n=72)Yes53 (73.6)†
No19 (26.4)
  • *This question was only asked of those who had attended a previous Health Mela.

  • †30% of these people had also had Health MOTs at their general practice or somewhere else.

  • HMOT, Health MOT.