Table 1

Demographic characteristics at baseline of all participants (n=438) and of those who provided data on HbA1c and GLmed use at both baseline and 24 months (‘responders’, n=234)

All (n=438)Responders (n=234)
NMean (SD) or %NMean (SD) or %
Age (years)*43860.6 (8.9)23461.3 (8.5)
Education level*
Family structure*
 Single—no children living at home7417%3816%
 Married/cohabiting without children at home22351%12654%
 Single/married/cohabiting with children at home13431%6829%
Time since diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (in years)3288.8 (5.8)1918.7 (5.9)
  • *Missing for some responders.

  • GLmed, glucose-lowering medication.