Table 3

Regression coefficients describing the effects of glycated haemoglobin during middle age and old age

Null modelModel 1Model 2Model 3Model 4Model 5
βP valueβP valueβP valueβP valueβP value
Short duration between dinner and bedtime vs >2 hours−0.020940.4463
Short duration × time0.0074360.6507
Higher TG in 2012 vs normal−0.08106<0.001
TG × time0.002920.8061
Higher BP in 2012 year vs normal−0.032780.0633
BP × time−0.013960.1859
Higher BMI in 2012 vs normal−0.1259<0.001
BMI × time−0.009170.4231
Men vs women
Sex × time
Smoking vs non-smoking
Smoking × time
Alcohol consumption vs no alcohol consumption
Alcohol consumption × time
Regular exercise vs no exercise
Regular exercise × time
Residual variance0.08885<0.0010.04911<0.0010.0492<0.0010.0491<0.0010.04907<0.0010.04908<0.001