Table 4

Regression analyses examining the influence of parental and grandparental social class and prudent diet score on BMI of F1 and F2 participants

Nβ95% CIP valueNβ95% CIP value
F0 associations
F0 prudent diet score167−0.289−0.963 to 0.3840.397219−0.125−0.581 to 0.3320.591
F0 social class
 Middle1.0231.186 to 3.2330.3621.557−0.076 to 3.1890.061
 Low0.8110.696 to 2.3180.2891.1880.060 to 2.3150.039
F1 associations
F1 prudent diet score185−0.076−0.541 to 0.3880.746
F1 social class
 Middle2.4770.726 to 4.2270.006
 Low−0.468−1.983 to 1.0470.543
  • Adjusted for age and sex of F0, F1 and F2.

  • BMI, body mass index.