Table 1

Modelled impact of the Australian sodium reformulation programme

Food category*SubcategoryNumber of unique products affectedProducts meeting target (%)†Current contribution to sodium purchases (mg/day per capita)†
All categories combinedAll categories combined430747443
BreadLeavened breads4293595
Flat breads1714115
CheeseCheddar style cheeses2457157
Processed cheeses665718
Crumbed and battered proteinsMeat and poultry1744017
Gravies and saucesGravies and finishing sauces95334
Asian style sauces94654
Other savoury sauces3986017
Processed meatHam714611
Processed deli meat5296
Frankfurts and saveloys2967
Savoury biscuitsPlain savoury crackers and biscuits1576617
Plain corn, rice and other cakes23930
Flavoured biscuits, crackers and corn cakes2746017
Savoury pastriesDry pastries42324
Wet pastries1794016
Savoury snacksPotato snacks1704115
Salt and vinegar snacks25684
Extruded and pelleted snacks2422316
Vegetable, grain and other snacks82442
Sweet bakeryCakes, muffins and slices4486613
  • *Food categories and subcategories listed are those that are targeted as part of the Australian sodium reformulation programme.

  • †Results are sales-weighted and projected to the Australian population using sample weights provided by Nielsen.