Table 5

WFP activities of CSP 2018–2023 by related determinant of the double burden of malnutrition

ComponentActivityDeterminants of double burden of malnutrition
Early life nutritionLifestyle
Socioeconomic disadvantage,
EpigeneticsAddresses no determinant
1.Nutrition support for vulnerable groupsProvision of take-home rations, nutrition education to girls*
1.Nutrition support for vulnerable groupsCommodity cash vouchers for pregnant women, children for stunting prevention, and PLHIV†‡✓ x 2†✓ x 3†
1.Nutrition support for vulnerable groupsCapacity strengthening for nutrition counselling
2.Enhanced food systemsTechnical support to community blended flour processors
2.Enhanced food systemsFinancial and technical support to industrial processors
2.Enhanced food systemsCapacity building and equipment for smallholder farmers
3.National capacity strengtheningTechnical support to National School Feeding Programme
4.Support for policy coherenceSupport for policy coherence
Total 2 2 6 5 3 0 0 0
  • *This programme was phased out in 2018.

  • †The subactivities of this activity were considered as three distinct activities in CSP 2012–2017. For comparison to the previous period, a proportionate multiplication effect is adopted where necessary.

  • ‡Commodity cash vouchers to people living with HIV (PLHIV) (a subactivity) was phased out in 2018.

  • WFP, World Food Programme.