Table 1

Basic characteristics of participants

VariablesWhole sample (n=190)International students
Home-country students
P valueGhana
P valueIndia
P valueMontenegro
P value
Age, years (mean/SD) 23.6 4.8 23.45.424.03.60.39425.43.4 0.032 0.026
Year of study (n/%)
 First year3920.53027.2911.3 0.003 00.0 <0.001 210.0 0.033 735.0 0.045
 Second year2211.61411.7810.025.015.0525.0
 Third year2312.11411.7911.3410.0210.0315.0
 Fourth year189.5119.778.825.0315.0210.0
 Fifth year and above8846.34139.84758.83280.01260.0315.0
Practical nutrition
Adequacy of nutrition education
Nationality (n/%)
  • P: significance level as compared with the international students group using an independent samples t-test. Practical nutrition lesson: lessons involving the use of illustrations to convey nutrition concepts.

  • Bold values indicate significantly different compared to the international students' group at P <0.05.