Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of the participants

Age category (years)
Highest education level attained
 No formal education20.4
 Primary (approximately 7 years)00.0
 O’ level (approximately 11 years)265.8
 A’ level (approximately 13 years)112.5
 Tertiary (colleges, polytechnic and university)41091.3
Employment status
 Not employed378.2
 Informal sector5111.4
 Formal sector33273.9
 Urban province32873.1
 Rural province12126.9
Lockdown support from government, NGOs, religious groups and or private sector
If yes, specify:
 Financial assistance92.0
 Food handouts112.5
 Grocery voucher10.2
 Not applicable42895.3
Number of people staying at home, median and IQR4 (3:6)
  • NGOs, non-governmental organisations.