Table 2

Comparison of baseline data for participants providing baseline and postintervention (n=131) versus participants providing data on their first visit only (n=28). Results shown as mean±SD

VariableParticipants with paired dataParticipants with baseline data onlyP value
Weight (kg)80.4±19.588.2±26.30.073
Waist circumference (cm)102.7±14.1102.6±14.50.977
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)121.3±15.2115.0±16.90.054
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)67.8±9.371.2±8.80.078
HbA1c (%) (median (IQR))6.0 (5.7 to 6.6)6.3 (5.4 to 8.0)0.897
Sleep (mm)*56 (43 to 75)50 (44 to 75)0.667
Mood (mm)*70 (50 to 82)60 (49 to 82)0.441
Pain (mm)*61 (35 to 85)60 (59 to 96)0.441
  • *Self-reported sleep, mood and pain scores using 100 mm Visual Analogue Scales with a range from 0 (worst sleep/worst mood/worst pain) to 100 (for best sleep/best mood/no pain).