Behavioural Nutrition

Dietary behaviours are influenced by a complex interplay of psychological, social, and environmental factors. Understanding these determinants is essential for designing effective interventions that promote healthy eating habits and prevent diet-related diseases. The Behavioural Nutrition special collection aims to explore the psychological, social, and environmental factors influencing dietary behaviours and food choices. By identifying barriers to adopting and maintaining a nutritious diet and developing evidence-based strategies for behaviour change, we can empower individuals to make healthier food choices and improve their overall well-being. We invite submissions that investigate the determinants of dietary behaviour change, interventions to promote healthy eating habits, and strategies to address barriers to adopting and maintaining a nutritious diet. Types of Papers:
  • Research exploring the psychological factors influencing food choice, eating behaviours, and dietary patterns.
  • Intervention studies testing behaviour change techniques to promote adherence to dietary guidelines or modify unhealthy eating habits.
  • Qualitative research examining socio-cultural influences on dietary behaviours and food preferences.
  • Reviews synthesising evidence on effective strategies for promoting behaviour change and improving dietary adherence among diverse populations.

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