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Diet Sustainability and Climate Change

Stakeholders in global food systems’, are major players in impacting climate change. The agriculture sector is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and its effect on the environment around us is compelling. Climate change and its myriad of consequences are also affecting food systems, leading to untoward weather events, failures in crop production, food insecurity and change in nutritional composition of food. In turn, the food system has adapted to many of these consequences and caused further environmental damage. To tackle the current climate emergency, systemic and individual change is required, by implementing more sustainable food systems and adopting sustainable diets. This Collection encourages submission of articles about how to plan, promote, and implement sustainable diet solutions on either a population, sub-group or individual level while maintaining nutritional adequacy. Articles can be from any setting, as long as there is a focus on the links between diet/nutrition and sustainability/climate change. Types of articles that are encouraged include:
  • Local or individualised interventions
  • Interventions applied at scale
  • Theory-based interventions, with particular emphasis on behaviour change
  • All study designs, including qualitative and mixed method

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