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Nutrition Education

(BMJ NPH & NNEdPro Co-ordination of Submissions: Martin Kohlmeier, Lauren Ball, Pauline Douglas, Kathy Martin, Elaine Macaninch, Minha Rajput-Ray) Nutrition and other lifestyle factors are major contributors to the risk for most diseases, their treatment, and their ultimate outcomes. Health care providers need to know what to look for, how to assess the needs of patients, and be ready to implement evidence-supported interventions. The knowledge and training needs differ notably between provider groups, physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, nurses, behavioural therapists, and many others, but all of them can learn more and do better. This new manuscript collection in the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health intends to focus on information about successful instruction, novel approaches, surveys of current nutrition knowledge, and not least, proposals for better curriculum development. In this time of rapidly expanding virtual and online instruction, accelerated due to infectious disease threats, we want to hear what works, what barriers are encountered, and how to overcome them. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health is well positioned to rapidly share high quality submissions with our audience of practicing physicians and other health care providers. Many of them want to know how they and their trainees can learn effectively and benefit from reliable sources of nutrition and lifestyle information.

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Case studies and realist review of nutrition education innovations within the UK medical undergraduate curricula
Jenny Blythe, Timothy Eden, Elaine Macaninch, Kathy Martyn, Sumantra Ray, Nimesh Patel, Karin Fernandes

7 November 2022

Time for nutrition in medical education
Elaine Macaninch, Luke Buckner, Preya Amin, Iain Broadley, Dominic Crocombe, Duleni Herath, Ally Jaffee, Harrison Carter, Rajna Golubic, Minha Rajput-Ray, Kathy Martyn, Sumantra Ray

9 July 2020

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