Precision Nutrition

Precision nutrition is an emerging personalised approach to nutrition that takes into account an individual’s unique dietary needs, lifestyle factors, and genetic makeup. This approach recognises the intricate relationship between diet, environment, and health, acknowledging that what we eat and how we live can significantly impact our wellbeing. The Precision Nutrition special collection aims to explore the emerging field of personalised nutrition and its implications for health and disease prevention. By elucidating the role of genetic variations, gut microbiota, and metabolic genotypes in shaping individual responses to diet, we can develop targeted dietary interventions that maximise efficacy and minimise adverse effects. We invite submissions that elucidate the role of genetics, microbiome composition, metabolomics, and other omics technologies in tailoring dietary recommendations for individuals based on their unique biological profiles. Types of Papers:
  • Studies investigating the effectiveness of personalised dietary interventions in improving health outcomes.
  • Research exploring the impact of genetic variations on individual responses to specific nutrients or dietary patterns.
  • Reviews summarising the current state of knowledge in precision nutrition and identifying future research directions.
  • Case studies illustrating successful implementation of precision nutrition approaches in clinical practice.

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