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8 Development and testing of the acceptability of an innovative digital resource to promote breastfeeding and associated nutritional benefits to mother and child: a pilot study
  1. Fotini Tsofliou and
  2. Adriana Manova
  1. Bournemouth University, Dorset, UK


Background First 1000 days of life are crucial for human’s health development. Evidence shows numerous protective effects of breastfeeding on mother and child. However, breastfeeding rates are still low, UK and globally, causing public health issues. New approaches are required to assist women enhance breastfeeding continuation. The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate the acceptability of an evidence-based resource, with mothers who are breastfeeding or breastfed within the last twelve months.

Methods Literature review of current evidence-based nutritional guidelines, and original peer reviewed recommendations on breastfeeding benefits was used to develop the digital resource, comprised by infographic and podcast. CANVA unpaid account was used for the infographic, creating logical hierarchy of data. Based on the literature review, expanded script aid the podcast content, recorded on iPhone, uploaded to Podbean platform. QR code generated from the link was added to the infographic for easier access. Acceptability and usability of the instrument was assessed through 5 online in-depth interviews in this pilot study. Snowball effect was used to recruit participants and open-ended questions facilitated the interviews, after mothers were presented with the resource.

Results Evidence based literature guided key themes for mums and babies, seen in the figure 1 above. Five in-depth interviews were conducted and data saturation reached, two with participants currently breastfeeding and three - participants who breastfed within the last twelve months. Themes emerged: (1) Toolkit found engaging (2) The toolkit will be supportive to pregnant women (3) Type and length of information (4) Beneficial to be used in practice and in mother’s own time for motivation and self-efficacy (5) Take home message from toolkit – positive vibes.

Conclusion The toolkit’s usability and acceptability should be further evaluated. Ultimately, this toolkit can be used in antenatal care to enhance awareness of breastfeeding benefits with expecting mothers.

Abstract 8 Figure 1

Infographic and podcast overview

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